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Cousins, Karl, and Bellinelli earn high marks in NBA GM survey

The Kings earn votes in several categories the this year's GM survey on

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It's always interesting to get a collective glimpse into how the NBA general managers evaluate talent and their competitors and each year compiles a survey to see what they're thinking.

There are several categories in which the majority of the GMs have a consensus on a pick but there is a varied amount of interesting answers in the survey.

The Kings as a team are not listed anywhere in "Best Team" categories but they do get some individual recognition.

Unsurprisingly, DeMarcus Cousins gets the most accolades, placing fifth (3.4% of the votes) for "Which Players forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments" and second place with 13.8% for best center in the NBA.

New Kings player Marco Belinelli makes several appearances as well, receiving votes for most underrated player acquisition, player best at moving without the ball, league's best role player, and bench player who makes the biggest impact when he enters the game.

George Karl finished fifth with 7.1% of the votes for "new or relocated coach that will make the biggest impact this season" and Rajon Rondo tied for third (7.1%) with Stephen Curry for best passer in the NBA.

NBA veteran Caron Butler also got votes for "which active player will make the best head coach someday".

Do you agree with the results or do you think the Kings got robbed in some of the categories?