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Vegas betting overwhelmingly on the over for Sacramento Kings wins this season

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Remember when Las Vegas set the over/under on Kings wins this year at just 30.5?  If whoever was trying to set that line was trying to get people to aggressively bet the over on Sacramento, they've done their job.  So many bets have been placed on the over for the Kings that the line is now set at 35.5.

From ESPN:

The Kings have attracted the most one-sided action on the Westgate's season win total. The Westgate opened the Kings' win total at 30.5 in late September. In three weeks, it was bet up to 35.5, the largest move either way on the SuperBook's win totals.

"It's been one-way support [on the Kings]," Sherman said. "All over bets."

Sacramento went 5-1 in preseason, but preseason wins and losses don't mean much.  But this team is far deeper and more talented than it has been in a long time, so a decent improvement should be expected even in some of the lesser scenarios for this team.

While smart betters took advantage of that low Kings line, Lakers fans are a case study in "the house always wins" as there have been more bets for the Lakers to win the title than on the Cavaliers.

Lakers gonna Laker.