Twas the Night Before the Season

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

‘Twas the night before the season, when all through the league

The coaches were discussing, a team full of intrigue

New players were present, the All-Star still there

Many trades have been made, but how will this team fare?

A Hall of Fame coach, George Karl be his name,

Tough on his players, but he's won many games,

A volatile star, with a no non-sense coach,

Will Cousins go along, or hate his approach?

The former star Celtic, point guard Rondo

He has so much to prove, this he does know

He runs the offense, and gets the passes flowing

Will he become his old self, and have a good showing?

Koufos is a big man, this is for sure

Sharing minutes with a rookie, can this he endure?

Rudy Gay is a shooter and scorer at will

Small ball power forward, does he fit the bill?

Ben needs confidence, his minutes are unknown

Will his dribbling improve, or handles make us groan

A spark off the bench, he is always moving

Will Casspi play well or be the turnover King?

Marco the gunner, a scorer at heart

Darren off the bench, maybe he should start?

Unproven guards, in Anderson and Curry

Will they come off the bench, and score in a flurry?

Our bench mob is solid, young guys and old

Acy, Butler, Moreland, and Dukan are all in the fold

They may not play much, or score many points

But when they get in the game, they won't disappoint

Grant and Jerry have their nicknames ready to go

Kayte looks great, but this you already know

The arena is prepped; no tarps will be falling,

The Clippers are here, let's get this team balling!

Vlade is the GM, in him I do trust,

Vivek stop meddling, this is a must

Karl is the coach, Boogie is the star

Teamwork is the key, it'll get us so far

The cowbells have rung, the team heard the cheers

The regular season is over, but the playoffs are here!

The Kings have done it; we are the eighth slot

All Kings fans rejoice, for a season hard fought

A final goodbye to our beloved space

I will always call it Arco, no matter the place

Thirty years in Sacramento and forty to go

Let's go win some games, and put on a show!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)