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Kings vs Lakers Preview: There's Another Team in LA?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After an opening night loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Kings find their hopes for a 82-0 season dashed and now look towards that other NBA team from LA for a second chance at a first victory to open the 2015- 2016 season. Tonight's game marks 39 home games left for Sleep Train Arena before the big move to the Golden 1 Center. It's also more-than-likely the second to last appearance ever for Kobe Bryant in Sacramento and the last chance to catch this particular opposing squad in Sacramento until a King's home game on January 7th. Tipoff is at 7pm PST and can be viewed at Sleep Train Arena, on CSN-CA, or can be heard on KHTK 1140.   Now, let's sit down, get those fans in yellow jersey's out of the Maloof's seats, and get to previewing.

For Your Consideration:

-"Now, I am become DeMarcus, Destroyer of Worlds" - J. Robert Oppenheimer (probably)

Demarcus flat out balled on Wednesday night against the Clips. With a showing that brought the Kings 32 points, 13 rebounds and 4 of 5 from three, DeMarcus made a mess of the Clippers defense for most of the evening. Tonight he'll be primarily matched up against either 7'2 Roy Hibbert; the first man ever to have his legs successfully replaced with blocks of frozen molasses or, definitely-not-a-rookie, Julius Randle. DeMarcus should once again be able to use his unique combination of speed and strength to feast on the bodies and souls of those who are placed in his way, and while he may never have a 3 point shooting spree like the one on Opening Night, it wouldn't be a stretch to see Boogie putting on a repeat 30 point performance.

-The Wildcat Kids: Tonight will be the very first time that former Kentucky Wildcat teammates Julius Randle and Willie Cauley-Stein meet up against one another in the regular season and depending on how George Karl decides the match ups, they could spend large chunks of the game guarding one another. A likely match up of Boogie on the previously mentioned former Easter Island Stoneman Hibbert would draw Willie to Randle, who opened what is technically his second season with 15 points and 11 boards in a loss to the Timberwolves. Randle's strength and quickness will be an interesting test for lengthy, quick Cauley-Stein, who didn't see much time on the floor during the opener.

-Bench Minus the Stench: The oft mentioned improved bench was on display in all of its glory against the Clippers. With 13 points from Collison, 9 and 7 assists from Belinelli, 8 points for Caron Butler and 5 from Omri, including a huge three pointer in the fourth, the bench seemed to be the group called on to pull the Kings from their early grave and back into the game. It will be interesting to see if the bench can again come out strong against an opposing  bench unit that includes an odd assortment of "me-only" players in Lou Williams and Nick Young and the likes ofBrandon BassRyan Kelly and Tarik Black. There isn't much there. The Kings bench should have eyes as wide as the gap in Kobe's game's played from April 2013 till now.

Question To Ponder:

What's more likely to happen: Ben attempts more than 10 field goals, or Kobe Bryant attempts less than 20?

Happy Trails:

Happy Trails to Sim Bhullar who was traded from the Reno Bighorns last night to Raptors 905 for point guard Ricky Ledo. What you lacked in NBA talent you made up for in not being slower than Roy Hibbert.


Roy Hibbert is slow.


DeMarcus destroys all things in yellow and purple jerseys (including that one guy two rows ahead of you who stands up in front of you and chants "MVP" for Kobe when he hits his second jumper in eight attempts) and the Sacramento Kings win easily 110-93.


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