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The Kings can't afford to panic

After a rough start, there's tension in the air. Kings fans should hope patience prevails.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are off to a brutal 1-7 start, their worst start since the 1990-1991 season. All the bad seasons Kings fans have endured, and yet none has started this poorly in over a decade. As such, there's tension within the organization.

Nothing off the table. How horrific. Here's a quick list of things that should be off the table right now:


We're eight games into the season. DeMarcus Cousins missed four of those games with injury. The Kings have faced a brutal opening schedule. And the Kings have been in many close games against superior teams. Throw in the natural growing pains that come with a dramatic offseason roster overhaul, and yeah the Kings have struggled. Anyone who expected otherwise wasn't operating in reality. The Kings need to recognize what the past eight games have been, and have the patience to allow these problems to correct themselves.

If the Kings organization panics and fires George Karl, they'll be making the same mistake as last season. Vivek claims to be a man who doesn't make the same mistake twice, but apparently the idea is able to be entertained. If the Kings fire Karl, they're not only throwing away this season. They're also removing any chance that any respectable coaching candidates will ever seriously look Sacramento's way again.

The Kings roster is still learning to play together. Cousins missed four games. Darren Collison is hurt. Seth Curry missed Monday's game against the San Antonio Spurs. And that schedule? Just look at it again.

There are many valid reasons for a slow start. None of those are worth making a dramatic change over. Not yet. The season isn't over. It's not doomed.

But it will be if the organization panics.