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Kings come out in support of George Karl

The entire team (not just the players) had a meeting, and at least publicly are staying united

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento: We know drama.

After another frustrating loss last night, it almost looked like the Kings train was going to derail when DeMarcus Cousins acknowledged the team was dealing with internal issues, and called for a players-only meeting. The comment led to a firestorm of media speculation and fan lamentation.

From the looks of it, that players-only meeting didn't happen. The entire team, from the front office, coaches, to the players, all reportedly met and aired out their concerns. The meeting was called together Vlade Divac and publicly the team is putting on a united front.

At the very least, it doesn't look like anything dramatic is going to happen right now, which is good. The team is 1-7, but has dealt with all kinds of extremely unfortunate injury problems early on, from Cousins missing half of the games to having both the backup and third string point guard be injured at the same time. All while playing the most difficult schedule in the league early on, at a furious pace; the Kings just finished up playing 5 games in 7 nights at the very moment they could have used some down time to heal up. Its still only 8 games played thus far, and the Kings are only 3 games behind the eighth-seeded Dallas Mavericks for the final playoff spot. Its extremely early to talk about firing coaches and roster upheavals.

The schedule does get easier from here, but there is very little margin for error now. Frustrations are clearly building up and the Kings need to get into the winning column sooner rather than later. Otherwise they could be facing more firestorms down the line.