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Watch DeMarcus Cousins go off for 19 straight points against the Nets

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"That blast came from the Death Star! That thing's fully operational!"

Kimani Okearah

DeMarcus Cousins got off to a really bad start, shooting just 1-10 in the first half.  He found his groove in the third quarter though, rattling off 19 points in a row on his way to 31 points in the half and 40 points overall.  It was amazing to watch and it was a performance that singlehandedly brought the Sacramento Kings back in the game.

To make things even better, Cousins is now shooting 43.5% from three point range this season, making 10 of his 23 attempts.  Almost all of his makes have come from the top of the key, a spot he's really showing an affinity for.  It's scary to think what Cousins can be capable of if his threes keep going in at such a high rate.