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Darren Collison should be a fantasy value again

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This is a sponsored post by FanDuel. Lots of people enjoy daily fantasy sites. It's ok if you don't. This is for people that do.

Darren Collison has been a little slow as he returns from injury. After missing 5 games, Collison has had three below average performances, at least based on what we've come to expect from Collison. His points and assists have been below his season averages.

I'm not concerned about Collison long term, as he looks to be a great fit for Karl's offense. However, I'm holding Collison out of my FanDuel lineups until I see he's back to his usual ways. And to be honest, I think that will happen any game now. As soon as it does, use Collison. His production is a big value compared to his FanDuel cost.

Random FanDuel observation: Willie Cauley-Stein is basically unplayable until Karl starts giving him more minutes. He's cheap, and his per minute production is good, but you're better off taking a chance on a different discount big man.