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DeMarcus Cousins plans to play tonight against San Antonio

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Boogie is back!  That's the word from News10's Sean Cunningham at least.

The Kings went 0-4 without Cousins during that stretch and also lost Darren Collison to a strained hamstring.  Collison will remain day-to-day but Cousins coming back is a huge boon to this team.  Right now the Kings are 1-6 and in danger of falling to 1-7 or even 1-8 with upcoming games, so they need their man in the middle.  Cousins will be immediately challenged with the visiting San Antonio Spurs but his presence alone evens the odds a little bit.

Achilles injuries can linger, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Boogie's minutes restricted or the team to take immediate precautions if he starts feeling any pain.  But still, some Boogie is better than no Boogie and hopefully he's clear to play for a good long while as the Kings look to overcome this poor start to their season.