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Kings 88, Spurs 106: Kings run out of gas against Spurs

The Kings hung tough with the Spurs for three quarters, but fall apart in the fourth as fatigue catches up with key players

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings were neck-and-neck with the San Antonio Spurs for about three quarters and some change, but fell apart in an ugly fourth quarter. Fatigue was definitely a factor for two of their key cogs; Rajon Rondo played the entire 48 minutes without either a backup or third string PG to give him a spell, and DeMarcus Cousins hadn't played in over a week. Ultimately, the only number that matters is the Kings' early season hole of 1-7.

Some quick observations:

  • Rudy Gay still has yet to break out of his funk. He always struggles in Kawhi Leonard, but his defense was atrocious today as well. He kept losing Kawhi in the half court and on fast breaks.
  • Bench continues to play well. Marco Belinelli is breaking out of his slump in a big way, and Omri Casspi continues to play with high energy. The Kings bench outplayed the Spurs' vaunted bench tonight.
  • The Kings really need a backup point guard. If Seth Curry doesn't heal up quickly, it might be time to go hunting for a stopgap solution. Rondo can't play 48 full effective minutes. San Antonio really took advantage of his fatigue and his scoring fell off dramatically after a hot start.
  • The Kings now play three straight home games against East opponents before heading to the opposite coast for a road trip. They have some ground to make up.
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