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Cousins Surprises Deserving Family With New Car

Santa Cuz delivers a new car and tears to our eyes...

The versatile enigma that is DeMarcus Cousins continues to find ways to surprise me. I knew he could fill up stat sheets, dominate on the low block, dunk all over people's faces, and even hit the follow three. What I didn't realize, what I wasn't ready for at all, was DeMarcus Cousins making me cry real man tears in my living room on a Wednesday evening...

Tonight, the NBA's most feared big man presented a unbelievably deserving couple with a life-changing gift. Check out this excerpt from the press release for a bit of backstory.

Selena and Maurice are two young parents caring for a family that have seen some tough times. In addition to their 3-year-old daughter Marina, they care for Selena’s two younger twin sisters J’nay and J’nette, who were abandoned at a young age. After living in substandard care where J’nay and J’nette were neglected and malnourished, Selena and Maurice called Child Protective Services to remove them from an unhealthy situation and took them into their own home in October.

With this car, Maurice will be able to find work now that he has reliable transportation and Selena will be able to travel to Yolo Continuation School where she is expected to graduate with her high school diploma in May.

Cousins is an All-Star who constantly gives us reasons to cheer, but even having said that, I've never been more proud that he was a member of the Sacramento Kings than I was when I watched this video:

Cheers, Santa Cuz!