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Kings reportedly interested in Kevin Martin

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade season is upon us now that most players signed this offseason can be traded.  We've already heard pretty definitively that the Kings will at least be moving Caron Butler, but that's more of a "doing right by Caron" thing than anything else.

Now a new rumor indicates the Kings could be interested in bringing back a familiar face.

According to multiple reports, the Wolves have made Martin available in trade talks thanks to the improvement of Zach LaVine and the move of Andrew Wiggins to shooting guard.  Moving Martin would free up more minutes for those two and perhaps get the Wolves some depth at another position.

Here's where it doesn't make sense for the Kings though.  Martin is a scoring, injury-prone guard who doesn't play all that much defense.  He doesn't help the Kings do anything they can't already do.  Marco Belinelli is younger, cheaper (Martin is making $7 million this year and next), and at least can throw a pass every once in a while.  Trading for Kevin Martin makes no sense for the Sacramento Kings.  He doesn't fill a need.

If anything, the Kings should be focused on bringing in some athletic perimeter defenders to help shore up what is one of the NBA's weakest defenses.  Scoring has not been a problem for this team, and that's really all Martin brings to the table.