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SLAM: DeMarcus Cousins Loves Sacramento, Still Dealing With Back, Foot Injury

Kimani Okearah

SLAM Magazine conducted an incredibly candid interview with DeMarcus Cousins for their March issue, but the column has already surfaced online, and it’s well worth a read. Some of it’s old news, some of it’s new news, and a lot of it provided Kings fans with a good reminder of why he’s so beloved here.

DeMarcus Cousins on Sacramento, via SLAM

DMC: I love Sacramento. I consider this home, so that’s not the problem. The losing is.

SLAM: So you working on your legacy?

DMC: All that comes into play. I want my legacy to be here, I want my number in the rafters here. I want that storyline to be he changed things around in Sacramento.

We already knew this, because Cousins tells us so often, but the reassurance of where his loyalty lies is always welcome. And make no mistake about it, this is a rarity in todays NBA. We talk about market size, and Sacramento's ability (or inability) to acquire legitimate stars, all the time. The fact that Sacramento already has one, and that player loves being here, cannot be undervalued.

Tzvi Twersky, the interviewer for SLAM, shared this story about Cousins and a former Kings player -

There’s a story that made the rounds where a young DeMarcus approaches an even younger teammate and gets in his face. In an effort to jumpstart the kid’s career, Boogie calls him out on failing to live up to his potential. While the speech might’ve worked for a hungrier dude, it left the kid in tears and, eventually, on another team.

Cousins won’t confirm nor deny the report. No matter, it is indicative of the two truths of his stay in the League: A.) DMC uses a K2-sized chip on his shoulder to fuel his fire. B.) The 61 hoopers he’s shared the court with in Northern California haven’t always been up to the task of teaming up with Boogie for wins.

Who might that be referring to? The simple fact that we can apply this to 5 or so different former Kings actually nails exactly what the Kings' on-court problem has been over the last decade, but that's another conversation for another time.

Twersky also revealed that Cousins is still dealing with complications from his back injury and an 'under-reported foot injury', something we could have assumed simply based on how poor Cousins has been moving for most of the season.

I don't know what the Kings should do with Cousins. On one hand, if he's hurt, the Kings are risking a more severe injury by keeping him in the lineup, but on the other hand, the Kings are considerably better with Cousins on the court even when he isn't healthy.

In the interest of not spoiling the entire SLAM interview, I'll stop here, but you should absolutely check it out. DeMarcus Cousins is fascinating.