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Well, That Was Weird. Kings fall to Thunder 95-98

The Kings lost a stupid game for stupid reasons.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Well. That was a weird basketball game.

The Sacramento Kings took on the Oklahoma City Thunder in a game that was just odd. There is just something off with this team right now. DeMarcus Cousins is clearly hobbled by an array of different injuries and finished just 5-20 from the field. Rudy Gay, while having a largely good game, is still making some questionable plays down the stretch; running down the clock from 21 seconds to five before turning the ball over with the Kings down 1. The rotations continue being as inconsistent as the Kings play (almost as if these two could possibly be related). Despite playing a decent game defensively for once, the Kings seem to be mentally incapable of closing out these games.

This was a game of runs through and through. Most of the game was spent with the Thunder building 10-12 point leads, the Kings fighting back, and the Thunder building leads again. The first and third quarters were both started by Thunder runs. Finally, in the fourth, the Kings decided to go hard, eventually taking a lead. It was looking very winnable until the Kings missed two different dunks (DeMarcus and Rudy respectively), missed free throws, and ran an isolation play that was so Kings that the Kings somehow managed to out-King themselves in a large season decade filled with stunningly Kings-like plays.

The rotations continue to baffle. Seth Curry, despite being great in his limited minutes, continues to find himself glued to the bench, now in favor or former starter James Anderson. James Anderson, bless his soul, seems to be a very hard worker, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why George Karl keeps going back to him. His offense is non-existent, and whatever defensive skills he he allegedly has are yet to be seen.

All in all, the Kings actually put the Thunder exactly where they needed them to be, and still came up short. Whatever issue is causing these lapses need to be fixed sooner rather than later. We are too talented a team, with too good a coach to keep losing games in such boneheaded fashion.

The Kings head back to Sacramento to face the Utah Jazz on Tuesday.