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George Karl's postgame comments are cause for concern

Does Karl not see the problems with the Kings?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of a much-needed Sacramento Kings win over the Utah Jazz, George Karl's post game press conference included Karl's normal level of candor and bravado. And, as usual, there were a handful of comments that were cause for serious concern.

The Kings have been playing better as of late. Despite an 8-15 record, the Kings have gone 7-8 since their brutal 1-7 start. The last 15 games have included losses that should have been wins, such as the Hornets game and the Thunder game. Eventually the Kings need to win they games they need to win so they can overcome the rough start, but the larger point is that Sacramento has played better than their record shows. But even with that context, I'm terrified when I see quotes like this from George Karl:

Really, George?

I don't need to go back to the film, because it's seared into my memory. But since you want film, I'll point you to a few specific things you can go watch for in the film room.

  • A complete lack of execution in the final two minutes of any game. Specifically, feel free to check the Thunder game.
  • DeMarcus Cousins and Kosta Koufos don't work well together. They haven't all season, but feel free to review Tuesday's game film if you don't believe me.
  • Marco Belinelli needs to stop forcing off-balance shots. He passes up open looks to dribble and force leaning shots. These are bad shots. This is a thing that should be addressed.
  • The defense, although much better against the Jazz, has been really, really bad. The Kings are 29th in the NBA in opponent points allowed. That's bad basketball on the side of the floor that constitutes half of the game.
The Jazz game was a fun team win. Hopefully it demonstrates a shift in the right direction. But George Karl needs to stop pretending everything is fine. We don't need to be in the film room to see the glaring issues with this team.