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Mitch Richmond to join George Karl's coaching staff in Sacramento?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Could the Rock be joining Sacramento's bench once more?

Comcast SportsNet's Bill Herenda has learned that Kings-legend Mitch Richmond is being considered by new head coach George Karl as an addition to the coaching staff.  From Herenda's report:

One of the short term objectives for George Karl is assembling his coaching staff in Sacramento and it's likely that the Kings existing assistants will remain intact -- with perhaps one addition, is learning.

According to league sources, Mitch Richmond and Coby Karl are possible additions.

Richmond -- a Hall of Famer, former King, and current scout for the franchise -- may be in the mix to join Karl's staff.

According to Herenda, Coby Karl is currently playing professionally in Germany and would be unlikely to join the team this season, making Richmond a more realistic probability.  Chris Haynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has also suggested another possible addition:

Walberg is currently an Assistant with the Philadelphia 76ers, and as such, wouldn't join the team this year either.  Because it is mid-season, I wouldn't expect wholesale changes to the coaching staff, with maybe one or two minor additions.  Richmond would be that, although another Hall of Famer wants to join the staff as well: Gary Paytonwho told SiriusXM today that he'd be reaching out to Karl.