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Mixed-use tower near new Kings arena gets green light

The new arena won't be the only major project under construction in downtown Sacramento leading up fall 2016.


The 16-story, mixed-use Downtown Plaza Tower that will stand next to the new downtown Sacramento arena has cleared a major milestone.

The Sacramento Planning Commission gave its approval of the project Thursday night, which will set construction in motion. The tower is slated for the space in between 4th and 7th Streets to the east and west, and J Street to L Street on the North and South. It will include a public lobby, retail and office space, 250 hotel rooms and residences at the top of the tower, 35,000 square feet of office spaces and approximately 45,000 square feet of retail/restaurant spaces. The tower will share the new arena's plaza area.

The construction of the project is expected to be complete by the time the new arena opens.

Here is more from Ryan Lillis of The Sacramento Bee.

"Construction crews have demolished the section of Downtown Plaza where the hotel will stand. Groundbreaking for the tower is expected this spring, and the hotel is scheduled to be open by the time the new arena is completed in fall 2016, said Todd Chapman, president of JMA Ventures, the firm developing the retail, hotel and office space around the arena.

Chapman said JMA is in talks with hotel operators and said the group was also in discussions with potential tenants for the planned retail space next to the arena."

In addition to the glowing nightscape above, here are some other renderings of the Downtown Plaza Tower project that were released.

Hotel Arena2

Hotel Arena2

Hotel Arena3

Hotel Arena4

To view more, click here.

As for the arena site, work continued this week on the pouring of concrete mat slabs and pile caps (the third of eight mat slab pours was completed). Construction of the arena's perimeter concrete walls that are below the street and plaza level, construction of the columns for the practice facility structure and construction of driveway ramps for the practice facility parking garage also continued.

It's. All. Happening. Folks.