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Sactown Royalty's 2015 Valentine's Day Card Boutique!

It's Valentine's Day and let's face it, you procrastinated once again. Well don't worry friend, because If there's one thing we know about here at StR... it's romance.

Great news Kings fans. This year you won't need to put on pants and make the last minute trek to CVS to buy a bucket rose and a Ziggy card. You can be a hero this Valentine's Day by simply printing out one of these Kings-themed Valentines and giving it that special someone in your life.

Warning: May Cause Extreme Intimacy (You're Welcome)

This Valentine's Day, Nik Stauskas wants to make you a Belieber.


Jason Thompson's been around the block a couple of times but he's still got room in his heart for you.


Don't take chances. Stick with the steady hand of Darren Collison this Valentine's Day.


Ramon Sessions won't turn over your love.


Let DeMarcus Cousins be your Valentine's Day All-Star this year.


Vivek Ranadive put's the V in Valentine's Day.


Pete D'Allesandro wouldn't trade you for the world.


Unlucky in love? Maybe the 3rd time can be the charm with George Karl.


Don't try to fight it guys. Love is in the air. Get into the Valentine's Day spirit with us and show us your card ideas in the comments.

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone.