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Sacramento Kings to make joint bid with Napa Resorts for 2019 NBA All-Star Game

David Paul Morris/Getty Images

In somewhat of a surprise announcement yesterday, the Kings announced that they'd be making a run at the 2019 All-Star game in a joint bid with Napa Ventures.  Kings President of Business Operations, Chris Granger, released the following statement:

"During the 2015 All-Star festivities in New York City this weekend, we will make our case to the NBA for Sacramento to host this world-class event in 2019. There is much to do, but the Kings, the City of Sacramento and our fans never shy away from hard work. Our downtown arena will serve as a global model of technology and sustainability, while showcasing Sacramento's unique culture. Together with our regional neighbors, we'll make the case that Sacramento is ready to host the NBA All-Star Game and other major events."

Sacramento has never been a real candidate for an All-Star game before for many reasons, but mainly due to a lack of a modern facility and hotel rooms.  The arena is coming soon, but there's still the lack of hotel rooms that would dissuade the NBA from choosing Sacramento.  That's where Napa comes in, although at about 70 miles away, traffic and travel times would be an issue.

The Bee has a more extensive story on the bid here.  It would be great if the All-Star game came to Sacramento, although I have doubts that it actually will until Sacramento is able to accommodate all the potential guests by itself, rather than relying on another partner in Napa which isn't super close.