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Wizards interested in Ramon Sessions

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

While Goran Dragic has been the biggest name connected to the Kings in recent days as the trade deadline gets closer and closer, a report by David Aldridge suggests that Kings backup PG Ramon Sessions is drawing interest from other teams.

From David Aldridge:

The phrase "trying to" seems to imply that Sacramento wants anything at all in return for Sessions, who has been abjectly horrible in his short stint here.  Sessions is having a year full of career-lows and has not fit with the team at all.  Still, this is a relative outlier season compared to his previous stints and I can see why a veteran team like the Wizards would want to add him to their bench, especially because Sacramento's asking price should be "just give us enough money for the plane ticket".  Seriously though, the only value Sacramento really needs to get in a trade for Sessions is getting out of his contract for next year.  If the Kings can snatch anything of value for Sessions, they should do it and count themselves lucky.