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Kings hesitant to trade for Dragic without a belief that he'd re-sign

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

You can probably forget about seeing Goran Dragic in a Sacramento Kings uniform anytime soon.  While the Kings were aggressively pursuing him according to reports, that interest has diminished as Dragic has proven stubborn to re-signing anywhere that is not on his list of preferred teams.

From Adrian Wojnarowski:

Dragic was very outspoken yesterday to the Phoenix media that he wanted out of Phoenix and that he didn't trust the front office over there at all.  For Sacramento, the hope was that while they weren't on the list of preferred teams, Dragic would be willing to re-sign with a bigger role and the ability for Sacramento offer a fifth year and more money.  However, Dragic seems to be intent on leaving for somewhere else, which means that extra incentive he would have to stay in Phoenix (or a team like Sacramento that he was traded to) isn't worth it.

For Sacramento, it's wise to back off now and instead try to focus their time and energy on other deals.  Dragic is too much of a risk at this point, and not worth giving up what limited assets Sacramento does have to get him for what would seem to be a 30 game rental.