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Professor Andre Miller brings veteran savvy to the Sacramento Kings

The Kings will benefit from having Andre Miller as a coach on the floor.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

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If you look at per minute stats, Andre Miller has been nearly identical to Ramon Sessions this season. But Kings fans knew that Thursday's swap was about more than raw stats, and Miller's first game in a Kings uniform showed the difference. Miler didn't finish with an eye-popping stat line against the Celtics, finishing with eight points, four assists, and four rebounds, but it was the presence on the floor that stood out.

It's easy to see why one of Miller's nicknames is The Professor. He's known and respected throughout the league as being a smart and savvy player. For a team that has long lacked anyone with a high basketball IQ, the veteran savvy of Miller is a welcome addition for the Kings.

Miller is a month shy of turning 39 years old. You don't play in the NBA at age 39 unless you've got some tricks up your sleeve. Miller survives on intelligence. And he shares that wisdom. Against the Celtics, Miller could be seen barking instructions to teammates during any delay. He's essentially a coach on the floor.

The Kings didn't acquire Miller to lead the bench unit in stats. His impact on the floor is going to be dramatic, even if it isn't always apparent on his stat sheet.