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Want to write for Sactown Royalty? Start by writing FanPosts!

I get a lot of e-mails and tweets from people asking for opportunities to contribute to the site.  Each time, I thank them for their interest and ask them to join the community and start writing in the FanPosts.  99% of the time, that's the last time I hear from that person, which is a bit disappointing.

To me, Sactown Royalty is more than just a blog, it's a community, one that I've been happy to be a part of for the last 6 years and count myself lucky to now be the editor.  As such, I want our contributors to be a part of the community and would like to continue to keep it that way.

I know there are a lot of you with your own thoughts and opinions on the Kings, and it's why I want to take a moment here to help explain the FanPost system and perhaps encourage some more people to start writing.  The FanPost system is one of the reasons I fell in love with the SBNation platform in the first place.  Here was a community forum that not only had amazing content from its staff, but one where I could also contribute my own thoughts and receive feedback.

I've seen some great content in the FanPosts over the years.  I've also seen a lot of bad.  That's ok.  Hell, my first FanPosts are pretty embarrassing to look back on.  My first one was a simple rant on Kenny Natt's rotations.  Even when I was getting better I wrote this thing about how Jason Thompson and Donté Greene were going to be the next Antonio McDyess and Rashard Lewis and, on Spencer Hawes, I said this, which should probably be a bannable offense:

Spencer has a little bit of each of the players I compared with in him. He's more athletic than Vlade or Brad, and he's a better shooter than Bogut. I foresee that he'll be a better scoring, better defense version of Vlade.

Why did Tom ever let me write for this website???

But I digress.

The point is, I want to hear from you guys.  If you enjoy writing, if you enjoy the Kings, there's an outlet for you in the FanPosts.  When I was still doing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (R.I.P.), I made sure to include a FanPost of the Week each time because it was important to me to acknowledge the good work you guys put out there.  You don't have to be a professional writer.  You just have to be passionate, and I know you guys are.

I'm going to try to do a better job myself of looking and reading the FanPosts and also using the tools at my disposal to highlight good work on the front page and in the cover.  Today for example, you can go read Luther Rackley's latest Reno Report on the rise of Sim Bhullar, a fun and informative piece for those of us that don't keep up with the Bighorns.  You guys can help too.  Even if you don't write FanPosts yourselves, I encourage you to read them and to recommend the ones you like, as well as leaving feedback.  As a writer, generating a conversation and hearing from people that are reading, both good and bad, is so important for developing and growing your own style.

Hopefully that clarified FanPosts a little, both for new and old members of the community.  So if you ever want to write for Sactown Royalty, you now know what you need to do, because it's not me that you need to impress.  It's the community.


It occurs to me that maybe I should provide instructions on how to create a FanPost for those that aren't familiar with the site as I am.  It's pretty simple:

1. Create a username if you haven't already.  There's a one day waiting period after you do so before you can post anything.  We have that in place to stop the evil spambot army.

2. The FanPost section is on the right side of the website below the cover.  You can also follow this link and click "New FanPost"

3. Once there, you'll be taken to an editor where you can write your post and then publish, where it will appear in the FanPost section to be read!