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Kings vs. Warriors Preview: Hey, somebody might want to guard that Klay Thompson guy this time

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Home sweet home.  After what feels like an eternity on the road, the Kings are back home and fresh off a win against the Pacers.  Unfortunately their return back home isn't going to be a relaxing affair as the first team on the docket is the NBA's best team, the Golden State Warriors. Today's action tips off at 7:00 pm on Comcast SportsNet California and on KHTK 1140.


1.  Pride.  Effort.  This Kings team has been embarrassed by the Warriors all year, in each of their matchups.  None was worse than their last game when Klay Thompson torched them for 37 points in the 3rd quarter.  Sacramento was playing Golden State almost even up until that explosion.  The Kings can't afford to give that kind of run again.

2. DeMarcus Cousins has been remarkably inefficient recently.  In his last 12 games he's shooting just 39.2% from the field, an atrocious number for a player we know is so skilled.  That number is even worse over the past 7 games when he's shot just 37.4%.  Some of this is obviously because Cousins is playing with a hurt ankle, but he's also shooting way more jumpers than he should be and they aren't falling.  The Kings aren't good without Cousins, and to even have a glimmer of hope against the Warriors, they need him to be at his best.

3.  Sacramento can't hope to keep up with the Warriors in a fast paced shootout.  That was one of the biggest reasons for Klay's performance in the last game; Sacramento did themselves no favors by immediately coming down and shooting without settling into an offense, and Tyrone Corbin was not good about using timeouts to squelch momentum.


Klay Thompson vs. Ben McLemore

So... don't let this happen again.


NBA history was set by Klay,
thanks to his impressive scoring forray.
He couldn't miss,
the hoop an abyss,
upon which he lavished trey upon trey.


Kings 114, Warriors 106 after Klay Thompson decides to try to one up himself and spend the entire third quarter shooting shots from beyond halfcourt.  The Kings still only win by 8.