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Playing To Win Documentary releases first trailer

Almost two years after the NBA rewarded the city of Sacramento for its tremendous effort to keep the Kings in California's capital, a new documentary on the process starring some familiar faces is set to come out soon.  The project was born out of Carmichael Dave's "Playing to Win"  tour of the United States, in which he took a purple Kings RV around the country to spread awareness and attention to Sacramento's plight.  That tour ended in New York City as the NBA's Board of Governors met.  You might remember some of the updates we posted on this very site.

The documentary, called Playing to Win: A Relentless Pursuit to Save a Team, has been in the works ever since and is now set to be released sometime in Spring of 2015.  The trailer debuted on Thursday night at the Kings game, and if you haven't had the chance to view it yet, you can do so by visiting the documentary's website here.

While Dave was the impetus behind the tour itself, director Rusty Prevatt and producer Elliott Sisson of Franklin Pictures deserve a lot of credit for the creation of the documentary itself.  From the documentary's press release, Kings fans can look to expect some never before seen footage, so perhaps we'll see the moments that led Dave to tweet out his now notorious smiley faces.

Executive Producer Kevin Nagle (also a Kings co-owner and Sac Republic FC majority owner), went on KHTK 1140 to help promote the film and had some interesting things to say.  Perhaps my favorite quote was that the documentary was not really about the Kings, but instead about the city of Sacramento.  That's true of the Kings relocation saga in so many ways.

I can't wait to the documentary's full release.  You can subscribe on the website for e-mail updates or follow @playingtowindoc on twitter as well as liking the Facebook page.