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It's time to make the move to hire George Karl

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this weekend it seemed all but certain that the Kings would find a way to hire George Karl to be their new head coach.  Multiple reports indicated that both parties were making progress with Sacramento showing more urgency to make a change given the team's struggles.

Since those initial reports, confidence has waned that a deal would get done.  Rumors have persisted that DeMarcus Cousins' camp doesn't want the Kings to hire Karl and also that multiple Sacramento minority owners are also resistant.  Greg detailed some of those delays here.

However today, it seems clear that in the end the decision will ultimately come down to GM Pete D'Alessandro, which is as it should be.  Whether Cousins' agents aren't keen on Karl doesn't matter.  Even Cousins' agents seem to agree as this quote they gave to the Sacramento Bee's Ailene Voisin seems to indicate:

This team needs a change, a forward direction. If Pete wants Karl, then go and get him.  Fans are riled up, and the team itself has seemed completely lost on and off the basketball court.  This team can't afford to wait.

Hiring Karl doesn't guarantee success.  But neither does hiring Alvin Gentry or Nate McMillan or anybody else for that matter.  Karl is available here and now and has an impeccable track record.  He has shown time and time again that he can turn a basketball team into a winner and winning after all, cures all ills.

It was a mistake to fire Mike Malone.  But now the team has the opportunity to fix it.  Make the move.