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DeMarcus Cousins' post-game comments and a George Karl update

The Kings are closing in on a deal with George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins remains in the middle of the drama.

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The last couple of days have been a whirlwind for the Sacramento Kings and in particular, DeMarcus Cousins.

Recent reports indicate that Kings General Manager Pete D'Alessandro has been pushing hard to finalize a deal to make George Karl the next head coach, but it is also being reported that Cousins' agents are involved and that they could potentially be the last hang-up with the move.

Here is more on the status of that situation from USA Today's Sam Amick.

Cousins' agents, Dan Fegan and Jarinn Akana, have been adamantly opposed to Karl's hiring. But general manager Pete D'Alessandro had appeared willing to make the move without their consent. If that has remained the case, and if Kings owner Vivek Ranadive approves as well, then the Kings will be on their way to fixing what's broken with their fractured team.

Karl has made his desires clear when it comes to contract wishes, and Ranadive must now decide if this is the cure for all that ails them. The Kings have yet to inform Karl or his camp that his desires will be met.

Ailene Voisin of The Sacramento Bee reported Sunday that Cousins' agent said they are not blocking the deal.

All of this puts Boogie squarely in the middle of the drama. We discussed the other day how much pressure has been on the shoulders of Cousins lately, but that didn't stop him from hitting the game-winning basket to defeat the Phoenix Suns at Sleep Train Arena Sunday night on his way to 28 points and 12 rebounds. After he won Sunday's game, he spoke to the media for a total of 51 seconds, and the majority of that came in the form of this interesting statement (video via Kimani David of Cowbell Kingdom).

I have been around Cousins in the locker room for several years now, and he's usually either jovial or in a reserved mood. This was certainly different. It led to some Kings players asking the media afterward what they had asked Cousins. But nothing was asked. An observation was made about how he looked like he was still really pumped up following the game-winning shot, and it prompted that response.

His teammate Omri Casspi talked about the pressure the big man is under at the moment.

"He wants to win and he feels like he don't have time to lose and he's trying to carry everyone around on his big shoulders," Casspi told Sactown Royalty.

Meanwhile, it appears the Kings' current head coach, Tyrone Corbin, still has his job.

But it may not be long before that changes.

To his credit, Corbin had the undermanned Kings squad (no Darren Collison or Rudy Gay) playing a spirited brand of basketball for the majority of the game on Sunday. But performances like this have been few and far between, and that is largely why the Kings front office and ownership is considering making the move to Karl. Corbin has been in a tough spot after coming in for Michael Malone and trying to implement a new system. After the win over the Suns, he said he tried to help his players block out all of the rumors that are circulating.

"It's been a combination of different things that's been going on over the last few weeks and guys been a little bit on edge, but you know, you don't play your best game, and you lose games and things aren't going well and you're hearing all kind of talk about what's going to happen. And I told these guys inside, 'look, the only thing you can control is the way you play on the floor,'" Corbin said. "Rumors and speculation will be around as long as you are in this league and I've been around a long time. You have to try and find a way to fight through those things and play, and, you know, I thought the way they did it tonight was great for them going forward. Who knows what will happen, but for them to get a victory like this tonight and stay together through these kind of conditions is good for them."

This should be an interesting week in Kings Land.