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Kings vs. 76ers Preview: No, I don't know who is on the Sixers either

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Another year, another 76ers team trying to lose its way to future victory.  This year's 76ers are a scrappy bunch however and play some decent defense despite what their record might suggest.  Still, this is an ideal opportunity for Sacramento to win its first back to back games since November.  Tonight's game tips off at 4:00 pm Pacific on CSN California and KHTK Sports 1140.


1. It should come as no surprise to you that the Philadelphia 76ers possess the worst offense in the entire league.  They average just 90.7 points a game and shoot a league worst 40.8% from the field.  However, their defense is actually surprisingly good enough to be the 12th best in the league, and they've managed to stay in games because of it.  They force a lot of opponent turnovers (1st in steals and 2nd in opponent turnovers) and they also block a lot of shots (6th in blocks).

2. The Sixers don't have much size, which should allow for a dominating night for DeMarcus Cousins.  Nerlens Noel is a promising young player but he weighs just 228 pounds.  Philadelphia's next biggest players are Henry Sims and Thomas Robinson.  The Kings should look to go inside to Cousins (and Rudy for that matter) early and often.

3. This could be a good opportunity for the Kings to get Nik Stauskas some big minutes should they get out to an early lead.  Stauskas has been improved in his short time in Karl, shooting 53.8% from the field and 60% from three, although it's been on a very small sample size.  As the season winds down I'd like to see the Kings try to incorporate Nik more off the bench and hopefully see that improvement continue and sustain over longer stretches.


Overconfidence vs. the Sacramento Kings

This is easily a game that Sacramento could fall into a trap and lose if they don't take the 76ers seriously.  While Philadelphia doesn't have any marquee names or go-to guys, they work hard and play good defense and have managed to beat some good teams (Washington and Atlanta in recent weeks) who played down to their competition.  This is a similar situation for Sacramento as it was against the Knicks, although the bright lights and big stage of Madison Square Garden helped to energize the team.  They won't have that in Philadelphia so the motivation will have to come from within.  This is a team that Sacramento should absolutely beat, and beat thoroughly.


There once was a GM named Sam Hinkie,
who liked to make promises with his pinky.
He wants to lose now,
for a draft pick that will wow,
and eventually make his team not so stinky.


Kings 149, 76ers 93 as Ray McCallum finds LeBron's lost headband and wears it, channeling his powers.  Coming soon to Disney Channel original movies.