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Kings 97, Wizards 113: Deja Vu

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So, that just happened. Again.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

All you can really do is laugh. 24 hours after the Sacramento Kings blew an 18 point lead against the Philadelphia 76ers by collapsing after half, the team decided to trot out an encore performance and blow a 21 point lead to the Washington Wizards, losing 113-97.

Plenty of elements of this game should sound eerily familiar. DeMarcus Cousins once again came out and had a monster game, with 30 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists on 17 shots. Cousins again went to work on the opposing frontline, but uncharacteristically lacked his usual impact on the glass. Cousins' night would end due to his ugly nemesis, foul trouble, rearing its head once again at an unfortunate time. Powered by Boogie and Derrick Williams' offensive explosion of 12 first half points, the Kings rode a dominant second quarter to a 64-46 lead.

But, of course, the second half is apparently a thing in the NBA and boy was it ugly. Hilariously enough, most of you guys pretty much saw it coming:

True to form, the Wizards ended the game on a 65-28 (!!!) run, just a night after the Sixers had destroyed the Kings for a 40-9 run and win the game. John Wall got his A-game going against the tired old legs of Andre Miller, repeatedly blowing past him as if he wasn't there and hitting jumpers that Miller just did not have the energy to contest. He scored a season-high-tying 31 points and dished 12 assists and was the only Wizard who had anything going in the first half. The Wizards fed on familiar confusion from the Kings defensively, not knowing when to switch and when to stay home on their men.The Wizards outscored the Kings 67-33 in the second half, turning that 21 point deficit into a 16 point lead. Truly remarkable.

That has to be a serious blow to the morale of the Kings as they finally make their way home. Ending the road trip on a 2-6 note is a bitter pill to swallow, especially considering how many of those games were defeats snatched from the jaws of victory. Hopefully the team can get some rest and practice time in now that they have a nice stretch of games in the friendly confines of Sleep Train Arena.

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