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Kings vs. Hawks Preview: The Kings are Finally Home!!!!! (Against the Hawks...)

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After eight games on the road, the Kings are finally back on the home court tonight as the Atlanta Hawks come in sans two of their four All Stars. Can the Kings take advantage (despite being short-handed themselves) and get a win?

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After the longest road trip I can remember for the Kings in quite some time, the Sacramento Kings are finally back on their home court vs. the Atlanta Hawks. After getting embarrassed last week against the Hawks, (and Wizards, And Sixers), the Kings hope to get revenge tonight on their court. Neither team will be at full strength however, as the Kings will be without Rudy Gay, and the Hawks will be without Al Horford (rest), and Kyle Korver (broken nose). I still fully expect Kyle Korver to drop a few threes on the Kings despite not even making the trip to Sacramento. Catch all the action at 7 pm on CSN California and KHTK Sports 1140.


1. Limit Three Pointers

The Kings have to defend the three. Even without Kyle Korver, the Hawks rely heavily on the three ball, and the Kings have allowed some ludicrous numbers from their opponents behind the arc. For the Kings to have a shot they must clamp down on the Hawks shooters and keep the threes down.

2. Give Boogie the Ball!

DeMarcus Cousins has gone on a tear the last two games, scoring 69 points in his last two games. As good as he was, he honestly could have easily had 80-100 in those two games combined if the team did a better job getting him the ball. With Horford out, the best bet is to feed boogie down low and let him do work. The Kings have had a problem getting the hot hand the ball all year. I like the extra passes that Karl has brought, but the team should not be afraid to feed the hot hand.

3. Turnovers.

There is no new way to put this. So I will just scream.

STOP TURNING THE BALL OVER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Kings vs. Themselves

The Kings have gone into the last two games with a great effort, only to crash in the second half of both games when they got comfortable with the leads. If the Kings have an early lead, they should not be content. This is still a very good Hawks team even without their two all-stars. The Kings must give their all this game.


Big Leads are fun things.
They sometimes bring fun rings.
The Kings they Take them,
Then they mistake them,
And my remote I often do fling.


Kings 188, Hawks 13 - The Kings get zero turnovers, don't allow a single three, and actually find the hot hand!!!!! (Brad was shortly thereafter admitted to a mental institution after submitting this game prediction)