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Pulse Check: Are we having fun?

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Kings games are a little fun, a little frustrating. Where is the current balance?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Monday night's loss to the Atlanta Hawks signaled a recent trend for the Sacramento Kings. Recent games have been fun for stretches, abysmal for lengths of time. The Kings seem lost sometimes, and then you get a glimmer of great basketball. It's a team finding its way, with all the growing pains that go with it.

I don't get the sense that Kings fans are upset with the lack of wins. I think most of us know that this is simply an opportunity for George Karl, Pete D'Alessandro, and the Kings to figure out what they have on the roster. What works, what doesn't, what's still needed.

But are we having fun with these games? Personally, I'm a bit detached from them. I know this season isn't about wins and losses, that went out the window in December. This isn't about whether or not Karl is the right fit for this team. It's just about seeing if the Kings can string together coherent basketball for any length of time. But that's just me. Where do you stand? Vote in the poll, and explain your response in the comments.