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Kings vs. Hornets Preview: Time to make Homecourt advantage mean something again

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Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento hasn't won a game since the last time they played the Hornets over a week ago.  Boogie, Rudy and Ben McLemore all scored more than 20 points and helped carry the team to victory.  They'll likely be without Boogie again tonight though, so we'll see who picks up the slack. Tonight's game tips off at 7:00 pm Pacific on CSN California and KHTK Sports 1140.


1. The Kings managed to come out on top in Charlotte thanks to 73 combined points from Ben McLemore, Rudy Gay and DeMarcus Cousins.  Cousins is questionable to play tonight, and McLemore is coming off a game in which he didn't score at all.  The Kings need McLemore to be more aggressive, and they need to be better about getting him open shots as well.

2. The Kings aren't likely to be bombarded from beyond the three point line like they were against the Clippers but that just means there will need to be more of a focus on keeping the Hornets out of the paint.  Charlotte thrives when they can get to the basket, so forcing them to shoot jumpers will be key.

3. Charlotte doesn't make a ton of mistakes, ranking lowest in the league in amount of turnovers.  The Kings will need to take advantage of the few they do make so as not to fall behind, given that the Kings commit a TON of mistakes on a nightly basis.


Michael Kidd-Gilchrist vs. Rudy Gay

With DeMarcus Cousins likely out once more, the scoring burden once again falls on Rudy Gay.  While Rudy got the best of him in their last matchup, MKG was no slouch, scoring a team-leading 23 points on a very efficient 9-12 from the field.  Most of those points came from attacking the paint.  Rudy needs to do a better job of containing his man and preventing turnovers from becoming easy fast break points.


I remember dearly wanting MKG,
a real SF that could play stifling D.
But the lotto's evil, man
unless your a Cavs fan.
Still, I'm quite happy with Rudy.


Kings 119, Hornets 108 after DeMarcus Cousins makes a Willis Reed-like emergence from the tunnel at the start of the fourth quarter.