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Nik Stauskas is showing promise

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After a slow start, Stauskas is beginning to emerge under George Karl.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

After a discouraging start to his rookie year, Nik Stauskas is quietly developing into a solid bench contributor. But his path to contributing has been anything but linear. Since George Karl took over as Kings head coach, Stauskas has received six DNP-CDs, but they’ve been unpredictable. In games Stauskas has played in, his minutes have ranged from less than 3 minutes to 27 minutes. But as he’s gone along, Stauskas is starting to show signs of promise.

If we remove the DNPs, Stauskas is averaging over eight points per game under Karl, in an average of around 19 minutes per game. That puts his per minute scoring average at 15.3 point per 36. Not fantastic, but certainly a healthy uptick from the start of the year.

Stauskas still isn’t filling the stat line, and his shooting efficiency is still varying from night to night. None of this is meant to say that Stauskas has arrived, or that he’s bound for great success. But he’s showing promise of becoming the player the Kings hoped they were drafting. In the midst of this 30-game precursor to next season, it’s nice to see Stauskas starting to find his groove.