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Have a question for Ray McCallum?

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Have a question for Ray McCallum? Leave it in this thread and it may get answered tonight after the Kings take on the Philadelphia 76ers.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Question of the Game is for Kings point guard Ray McCallum.

McCallum stepped into the starting point guard position after Darren Collison's injury derailed his season last month. The second-year man has played well, averaging 10.6 points, 4.9 assists and 3 rebounds over the last 10 games (28 minutes per game). McCallum has shared the point guard spot with veteran Andre Miller who has averaged 24 minutes per game in that same 10-game stretch. McCallum shows flashes of potential, but he has a ways to go before he will be considered a legitimate starter in the NBA.

The Question of the Game thread allows Str readers to pose a question for a particular player during a home game. Based on which question gets the highest number of recs (and the reasonableness of the question), I will track the player down and ask them that question during the postgame. The answer will then be posted right here in the thread.

So what do you want to ask Ray? Leave your question in this thread and start pressing those rec buttons!