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Omri Casspi's a class act, gets doll for girl he was pushed into by Paul Pierce

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Remember this ugly incident from an otherwise exciting blowout win over the Washington Wizards on Sunday?

Well it looks like Omri Casspi went above and beyond following the game, inviting the little girl, whose name is Dillon, to the Kings Practice Facility to give her a doll and talk to her.


"I saw how frightened she was and I think everything was so overwhelming for her," he said following Tuesday's shootaround. As a result, Casspi decided that he needed to do something follow up with her for braving through what happened.

He brought her to the Kings practice facility to give her a singing Elsa doll from the animated hit Frozen, complete with light-up jewelry and Olaf. "I figured it would be nice to give her a present and have a talk with her."

Dillon handled the whole situation like a champ, Casspi showed himself to truly be a class-act and everyone is happy that the incident is behind them.

Well done Omri.