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Introducing Sauce Castillo

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@jessestout via Twitter

It's been a tough year for Kings rookie Nik Stauskas.  He's had to deal with inconsistent playing time, a big time shooting slump and three different coaches.  But things are looking up.  He's been playing much better under Coach George Karl, shooting 44.6% from the field and 45.2% from three in 13 games.  He's also been blessed with perhaps the best and most random nickname ever.

Sauce Castillo.

Why Sauce Castillo?

It all started during Sacramento's game against the Philadelphia 76ers when Andrew Unterberger noticed something odd with his closed captioning.

It didn't really start taking off until yesterday's game against Phoenix however, helped by Stuaskas's (sorry, Castillo's) strong first half performance in which he scored 10 points on just 5 shots.  Kings fans started getting in on the fun all over Twitter:

Our very own JediLeroy made this wonderful creation:

The fun continued even after the game, especially after Nik Stauskas decided to check his timeline.

Then reporters and writers decided to start getting in on the fun.

Even the Kings signed off on the name:

This morning Basketball-Reference even added "Sauce Castillo" as Nik's official nickname

Who says random games in the middle of March with no chance at the Playoffs can't be fun?  The Kings won, and even more importantly, Sauce Castillo was born.