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The importance of Vlade Divac's return

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Sports cities love their heroes, and Sacramento is no exception.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

With Tuesday's announcement that Vlade Divac is returning to the Sacramento Kings organization, the Kings continued a long tradition of Sacramento nostalgia. All sports cities love their heroes, and Sacramento is no exception. Kings fans tend to welcome back reminders of their past, even from the bleakest eras of Kings basketball, players that most franchises may not be overly enthused by. Divac obviously is among the best of Sacramento's past, which simply makes the occasion even better.

This is the city that has welcomed back Reggie Theus as a coach. Welcomed back Bobby Jackson as a scout, an assistant, and now as an analyst for the halftime show. Welcomed Mitch Richmond as an owner. We were thrilled when Corliss Williamson was added to the coaching staff. We excitedly welcome Scot Pollard anytime he's in town, and the list goes on.

Kings fans don't haven't had a lot to be excited about in the post-Vlade era. Seeing one of our most beloved players become involved in the day to day operations of the team is a silly little thing to be excited about. But we should absolutely get excited about it. We don't have titles in the Sacramento era. Our best moments center on what almost was, but out of those moments came players that we loved and embraced. In a season full of ups and downs, the news of more Vlade is a welcome upswing in a recent succession of upswings.