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Purple steel arrives as Sacramento arena site goes vertical

It's happening. It's really happening.

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via Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings, with the help of some local contractors, installed the first steel beams at the new downtown arena site Wednesday.

The steel beams, the first of which was purple, were installed at what will become the team's new practice facility.

Each vertical column is around 40 feet tall, according to the Kings. Approximately 9,000 tons of steel will be used in the overall project. Steel installation at the practice facility will last around four to five weeks. After that, the arena itself will begin to go all "vertical steel" on us as well.

The Kings say steel installation will continue through fall of 2015.

The steel was supplied and fabricated by Schuff Steel, out of Stockton, and Pacific Erectors, which is out of Rocklin.

The team released the following video of Wednesday's installation.

In addition to this, the following work continues this week: the pouring of concrete mat slabs and pile caps (the seventh concrete mat slab pour has been completed); construction of the arena's concrete walls below the street and plaza level; installation of the aggregate base over the concrete mat slab to create space for conduit and piping pathways under the arena event slab; and installation of plumbing utilities in the aggregate base over the concrete mat slab.

The construction of the exterior walls (facade) of the arena will begin as early as fall 2015 on the north side. Things will really begin to become visual from L Street this winter, according to a Kings spokesperson.