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Kings Preview: Welcome to Miami; Buenvenido a Miami

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In their 4th stop of the road trip, the Kings travel to Miami to take on Hassan Whiteside and the Miami Heat. Can they learn from the mistakes of the previous game and sneak out a win in Miami?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings, fresh off a disappointing loss against the Orlando Magic, look to bounce back vs. the Miami Heat. The Heat have a lot of weapons, even with the unfortunate loss of Chris Bosh, so this is not a game to skate through. Record aside, a team with Goran Dragic, Dwyane Wade, Luol Deng, and Hassan Whiteside (yes, THAT Hassan Whiteside), has the talent to be a problem on any given night. South Beach is bringing the heat, but will the Kings party in the city where the Heat is on? We will see. The Kings are going to Miami at 4:30 on CSN California and KHTK Sports 1140.


1. The Kings defense was perplexing last night, and not in a good way. It seemed at times like the guys just did not want to pick up their man, or make a pointless switch, or double Kyle O'Quinn when he didn't have the ball in his hands. If the Kings play that defense with the four players I mentioned earlier, it will be a long night.

2. Ben McLemore was non existence, and will have his hands full offensively and defensively vs. Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade is still a very good player, and not one to slack off on. Ben needs to be more aggressive for the Kings to have a shot at this game tonight. He needs to come nothin' less than ill and he needs to dress to kill.

3. Smart Passes. I love the increased passing that has come in the George Karl era, but, unfortunately, it has also brought some mind-numbingly terrible passes. With some of the passes they think are scooping something hot, but end up basically handing the team the other ball. Even Andre Miller (aka Not Ramon Sessions) has been guilty of this.


Hassan Whiteside vs. DeMarcus Cousins

There is something I didn't think I'd say a few months ago. Whiteside hasn't just been been putting up good numbers, he is putting up some downright perplexing numbers. While Boogie had his number last game, and got Hassan into some quick foul trouble early, he still needs to be prepared to go at him. Boogie is still much bigger than Hassan, and should be able to have his way on both ends of the court.


The Kings find themselves in Miami,

Hopefully they don't find no Whammies,

And Boogie goes off,

And the Kings will all scoff,

And bring me closer to family.


Kings 105, Heat 99, with all the Kings fans screaming "Ayy Papi"