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Kings Links: Spencer Hawes hoping to return, Vlade shaves head, and more

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Sorry guys, I didn't have time to put together an April Fools Day joke for you this year, especially since today is a game day.  Plus there was lots of stuff for this edition of Kings Links and I felt that was a priority.  Maybe next year.  Anyway, on to the links.

Yahoo Sports: Spencer Hawes hoping to return to where it all started

"I've always thought about coming back to Sacramento," Hawes said. "I love the City, I love the fans. It's my home away from home." When asked why he supported the Kings relocation, Hawes quipped "Seattle is my home. Sacramento is my home away from home. When your home is up against your home away from home, you pick your home, even if it hurts your home away from home. I hope the fans of Sacramento know I was just supporting my home."

Grantland: Kings launch David Wear Rookie of the Year Campaign

Citing David Wear's PER of 37.0, the Sacramento Kings have launched their official campaign push for David Wear as Rookie of the Year.  Rumor has it that fellow Kings rookie Eric Moreland was a little miffed at the campaign given that his PER of 41.0 eclipses Wear's, but his complaints disappeared when he learned the Kings were instead pushing him for Defensive Player of the Year.

CNBC: Nik Stauskas becomes the official sponsor of Pace Foods

"With Nik on board, we see our brand as being more profitable than ever," CEO Denise Morrison told investors during Tuesday morning's announcement of the new "Sauce Castillo" campaign.  Shares of Campbell's Soup Company (Pace's parent company) were up 314% in early morning trading.

Sacramento Bee: Kings to put Summer League Championship Banner in Rafters

Citing the unparalleled success of Sacramento's summer run in Vegas, Kings Chairman Vivek Ranadivé announced that Sacramento's Summer League Championship Banner would be raised to the rafters during the last home game of the season.

"When I bought this team, I promised that we would win a championship.  I could not be prouder of the fact that it only took one year before my dreams came true," Ranadivé told the gathered media.

ESPN: Vlade Divac looks to fit in

One of the first orders of business for new Kings VP of Basketball and Franchise Operations Vlade Divac was a visit to a local barbershop to shave his head.

"It's actually a stipulation in my contract," Divac said in a press conference, the sun gleaming off his newly shorn scalp. "But really, it's a lifestyle. To be a member of the Kings front office is to be a man free of the shackles of the comb industry."

USA Today: New Sacramento Arena name a mouthful

With a new downtown arena being built in Sacramento and set to open in 2016, the Kings have already gone ahead and locked down a name for the new building.  As usual, the Kings ownership under Vivek Ranadivé went the unorthodox route.

"When we began the search for a sponsor for the naming rights of this great new arena, we were shocked by the amount of worthy candidates.  We knew that for this arena, this shining beacon of our city, we had to get this name right.  We also knew that in NBA 3.0, we don't have to do things the old fashioned way.  As such, I'm pleased to announce that we've reached an agreement on the name of our new arena, or should I say, The Pizza Guys Palace at the Diamond & Gold Vault presented by Kaiser Permanente Center."

CBS Sports: Sacramento Kings contacted by Gambler's Anonymous after 9th straight trip to the lottery

"We thought they'd had enough when they were lucky enough to get DeMarcus Cousins," a GA spokesman told CBS. "But that just seems to have left them itching for more.  They need professional help."

Sacramento News & Review: Local Sushi Restaurant creates the "Derrick Williams Roll"

Local Sacramento Sushi restaurant Mikuni's has created a new roll named after Kings forward Derrick Williams.  The roll is special in that it is never made the same way twice.  Even the ingredients change.  Our first food critic gave it an A+, calling it a thrilling experience, while our second critic gave it a D saying "for the price I paid, I expected much more."