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Kings assured at least the 6th spot in the NBA Draft Lottery

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The Sacramento Kings are once again living on a prayer (and a ping pong ball).  Their loss on Sunday to the Denver Nuggets assured them of finishing with no worse than the 6th worst record (yippee?) even if they win their final two games against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The 6th spot in the lottery offers a 6.3% chance of getting the number one pick and a 21.5% chance of landing in the top three overall.  There's also a 43.9% chance of staying at 6th, 30.5% chance of dropping to 7th, 4% chance of dropping to 8th and just a 0.01% chance of dropping to 9th (cue the "so we're drafting 9th comments").

Sacramento does have an outside chance of the Orlando Magic catching them in the standings if Orlando wins both of its remaining games (against Miami and Brooklyn) and Sacramento loses out.  That seems unlikely but if it did happen the Kings would then have about a 7.5% chance at the #1 pick.

The Kings also finished with the 6th worst record in 2013 and ended up falling to 7th after the Washington Wizards jumped up to the 3rd pick with a 4.8% chance.  Sacramento ended up taking Ben McLemore with that pick.

The Kings have had the #6 pick in the draft twice in their history.  The first was the inaugural season in Sacramento when they selected Joe Kleine (Chris Mullin, Detlef Schrempf and Charles Oakley were the immediate three picks after, and some guy named Karl Malone went 13th) and the second was in 1987, when they took Kenny Smith over Sacramento native Kevin Johnson.

But hey maybe we won't screw up this time!