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Kings 102, Lakers 92: Kings run past Lakers in Fourth

Kings beat the Lakers? Today was a good day

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Yay! While it is Game 81 of another lost season, its still the Los Angeles Lakers, and its always fun beating those guys. The Sacramento Kings played the Lakers evenly for three quarters of the game, but turned on the jets when it counted and buried their Southern California foes down the stretch to win 102-92.

That being said, that game was ugly. How ugly?

Yeah, good luck getting that image out of your heads.

But its a pretty accurate analogy to what was happening on Sleep Train Arena's hallowed court. The Kings and Lakers played some pretty terrible basketball at times, getting creative in the ways they forced Dr. Naismith to roll over in his grave. Dribbling off of feet, alley oop lobs to nobody, passes out of bounds, the clowncar's entire contingent was there tonight and boy did they put on a show of ineptitude.

The Kings were again led in this game by Omri Casspi, who continues to finish the season strong. He scored 26 points on 14 shots, with 9 rebounds and 6 assists to boot. Casspi repeatedly got out in transition where he is so good at weaving through defenders and finishing softly in space. He is also very effective at beating power forwards off the dribble, potentially making him an effective stretch four option at times. Derrick Williams also came in and ran all over the corpse of Carlos Boozer. Williams basically had everything on a platter from Andre Miller, who always looks for him off of curls, with lobs, and in the pick and roll.

But really, the story of the game was how bad the Lakers' defense was all game, and how the Kings finallys tarted playing some in the fourth. The Kings had 19 fast break points and I lost count of how many were simply because a King got behind all five Laker defenders. Whenever the Kings wanted to attack the rim, they were usually able to get there. The Kings shot 48% from the field and got to the free throw line 36 times, as opposed to the Lakers who shot 42% from the field and only shot 13 free throws.

Only one more game to go, against this same team in Los Angeles. The Kings have a chance to beat their record from last year, which is a minor moral victory. With Orlando losing earlier today, the Kings are locked into the sixth spot in Tankathon 2015, so there is no repercussions to losing. Onto the last one, and onto next season.

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