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Your guide to former Kings now on playoff teams

20 former Kings will suit up for playoff teams. Which ones should you root?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

As the playoffs kick off Saturday, Sacramento Kings fans once again find themselves without an obvious rooting interest. However, there are 20 former Kings in the playoffs. As such, we need to provide your NBA Playoffs rooting guide. Here are the 20 former Kings in the playoffs, and how they should impact your playoffs.

Boston Celtics

Isaiah Thomas

Everyone loves an underdog, so Isaiah Thomas and this year's Boston Celtics are a great team to cheer for. Of course, they're likely to be out in the first round. But it's great to see that Isaiah Thomas seems to have found a home, and I'm excited to see what Playoff Isaiah looks like.

Gerald Wallace

I had completely forgotten that Wallace was still on the Celtics, but he is! He doesn't play much, as age and injuries have made him a shell of the player he once was.

New Orleans Pelicans

Tyreke Evans

It was bittersweet to watch Tyreke leading the New Orleans Pelicans into the playoffs. I'm ok with the Kings choosing to build around DeMarcus Cousins instead of Reke, but it still hurt a little to see Tyreke leading a crappy team into the 8 seed. The Pelicans are fun to root for, but like the Celtics, they aren't likely to last more than a handful of games.

Jimmer Fredette

Oh yeah, Jimmer is also on the Pelicans. But, uh, I'd be pretty surprised if he plays many minutes in the playoffs. Of course, the Pellies are coached by Monty Williams, so you never know what might happen.

Tony Douglas

Also on the Pelicans! Strange. Douglas was pretty productive during his short stint in Sacramento, but I don't think of him as a King, I just think of him as a guy who has been around the league for a long time.

Toronto Raptors

Greivis Vasquez

One of many former Kings who will suit up for the Raptors, Greivis' tenure with the Kings was short-lived. While he had some fans in Sacramento, he's not exactly a guy Kings fans tend to have much nostalgia for.

Patrick Patterson

Patterson is painful to see in the playoffs simply because he's so much more effective in Toronto than he was in Sacramento.

Chuck Hayes

Chuckwagon! Hayes isn't a key member of the Raptors' rotation, but that's ok. I'm not sure if many Kings fans share my sentiment, but I always liked Hayes and I'm happy he's in a slightly better situation. I say slightly because the Raptors were pretty terrible after the All-Star break, and aren't going to challenge the true title contenders from the East.

James Johnson

Screw that guy.

Los Angeles Clippers

Spencer Hawes

Screw that guy too.

Matt Barnes

And him.

Dahntay Jones

Things I can't believe: 1) He's still in the league 2) He was on the Kings. Barely remember his tenure at all.

Hedo Turkoglu

My goodness. I really, really can't believe Hedo is still playing. Or that the Clippers rely on him as such a vital part of their terrible bench lineups.

Washington Wizards

Ramon Sessions

The Kings are out of the playoffs, Sessions is in the playoffs. I still think the Kings got the better end of the trade.

Drew Gooden

Technically a former King! He averaged 12 points and 13 boards in his Sacramento career, a career that lasted all of one game.

Garrett Temple

I remember literally nothing about Temple's tenure in Sacramento. He's on the Wizards now.

Chicago Bulls

Aaron Brooks

Brooks wasn't terrible in Sacramento, but he's mostly remembered as another guy who shouldn't have been starting in front of IT.

Houston Rockets

Joey Dorsey

Not sure what's more amazing: How bad Dorsey's free throw percentage is, that he's actually still in the NBA, or that he plays meaningful minutes for the 2 seed in the West.

Jason Terry

Plenty of Kings fans hate him. I don't really care about his time in Sacramento.

Memphis Grizzlies

Beno Udrih

NOBODY EXPECTS THE YETI. Beno is definitely one of the guys I'm happiest to see in a good situation.