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I wish I could trust Vivek Ranadivé

Vivek says he doesn't want to trade DeMarcus Cousins, and I wish I could believe him.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

I wish I could trust Vivek Ranadivé when he says he isn't interested in trading DeMarcus Cousins. I wish I could sympathize with Vivek feeling "put off" by trade rumors. Unfortunately, Vivek's own doing has caused the current situation. He's made this bed, and now he has to lay in it.

Vivek says he has no desire to trade Boogie. That's great news for Kings fans. But it's also pretty much the only thing Vivek can say right now. What's he going to say? "Yeah, we'd like to unload him. My cell phone number is..." Vivek's only option is to throw his support behind Cousins. Just like he publicly threw his support behind Tyrone Corbin. Corbin was our coach going forward, and Vivek knew he'd be great. And yet we know how briefly that lasted.

And I wish it counted for anything that Vivek feels loyalty to Cousins because he signed Cousins to his extension. But he also signed Michael Malone to be his head coach. Vivek, for better or worse, treats the Kings like a day-trading. He buys assets when he sees value. He dumps assets just as quickly. And just like a day trader, he touts his latest find while ignoring the assets he sold low on.

I wish that I could trust Vivek Ranadivé when it comes to Kings personnel. I really do. I just can't.