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2014-15 Nostradumbass of the Year

Wikimedia Commons

Our prediction contest has now run for three straight years and for the third year in a row we have a new winner!  Our reigning champion, adamsite, he who took the crown from my head, has been vanquished!

Our new winner is none other than the illustrious Slam_Dunk, who narrowly defeated our runner-up, 1951 by a total of 234 points to 225.  I can't think of a better winner, especially when few were so dedicated to the craft as Ms. Dunk.  As such, congratulations to our 2014-15 Nostradumbass of the year.

You can view the final tally of the scores here.  Thanks to all of you who have participated over the years and kept this contest going.  I'd also like to give a special shoutout to The Crown Royal Gentleman and his wife, who have taken it upon themselves to help me out by tallying the scores and updating the spreadsheet.  Without them, there would be no prediction contest.

Until next season!