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Point/Counterpoint: Was it ok for George Maloof to be at the premier of Down In The Valley?

Kevin and I have a serious debate about a difficult topic.


With the recent premier of Down In The Valley, many Kings fans were alarmed to see George Maloof at the premier, and featured on the discussion panel.

Here to discuss this with me is noted Maloof apologist Kevin Fippin. Kevin, why shouldn't we be upset about George being at the premier event?

Kevin: Let me first start by thanking StR's resident rabble rouser for extending the invitation to participate in this debate. I'm sure people will have many emotions about this on Facebook... and none of them could be described as "hatred."

Now, to answer your first question Greg, I'd remind you of the fact that George actually appears in the film.  I'd heard a rumor that the Maloof camp was invited to attend the premiere and assumed they'd never actually show up.  I was shocked to learn that they'd accepted the invite based on my assumption of how they'd be their portrayed in the film. And, from what I've heard, the brothers Maloof are not painted in a flattering light (nor should they be).

I realize that for many, this film (like the other documentaries on the subject) will be viewed as a celebration of a major victory for Sacramento. But, it's important to tell all sides of the story. And like it or not, the Maloof bros are a major part of that story.

Greg: Yeah but screw the Maloofs. I hate them. They nearly got away with destroying something I love and I'll never forgive them.

KF: Agreed, I wish them the worst in their future endeavors.  Remember when you would jump onto that stool they made you sit on in high school chemistry class, and accidentally ended up sitting on one of your testicles? I want them all to sip from that pain/embarrassment cocktail every morning upon waking from slumber.

That being said... when some Kings fan finally films the, "I hate Greg Wissinger Story," I expect you'll receive an invite to the premier to defend your actions.  What kind of person accepts that invitation is an entirely different discussion all together.

GW: 1. I accept your invitation.

2. The Maloofs are jackholes and never should have been invited. Period.

KF: Another great point, Greg.  The Maloofs ARE jackholes.  HUGE ONES.  But we only know that because we had to deal with them for so long.  For many outside of Sacramento, this will be the first time they get truly experience Maloofery.

Remember this story is being told to outsiders from an outsiders perspective. For much of the relocation saga It was very much "Sacramento against the world." Outside the comfy confines of the 916, NO ONE was taking our side. National media told the story of a disinterested city who didn't attend games and group of owners who had tried over and over to get an arena built.  Perspective is everything.

I'm sure many people are upset that a Maloof was even asked to appear in the film. But honestly, for the world to truly understand what happened here they need to understand the Maloofs. And, what's more incriminating than a Maloof speaking?

GW: But I hate seeing their stupid faces.

KF: Were you the captain of your Jr High debate team, Greg?  You've really backed me into a corner here.  The fact that they have stupid faces is a matter of public record and an inarguable fact. And, science tells us that it's hard to look at stupid faces.

That being said, I think it's important that we all suffer through it together. If for no other reason than to warn the next poor unsuspecting (potential NHL) city, about the dangerous game you play when you trust a Maloof.

GW: But I really hate them and wish they disappeared from my life entirely.

KF: You're a child...


While I think Kevin ended the debate in a rather unprofessional manner, I think he raised some very good arguments. But what say you? Vote in the poll and let us know what you think.