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Sorry Anthony Davis, you still haven't posterized DeMarcus Cousins

He got close on Friday, but Anthony Davis still hasn't fulfilled his goal of posterizing DeMarcus Cousins.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

University of Kentucky alum DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis are friends off the court, but they are fierce competitors when the ball is tipped.

Davis, who was drafted out of Kentucky in 2012, has a goal in mind against Cousins, who was drafted in 2010 - he wants to posterize him. He recently was on the Dan Patrick Show and said as much.

"He just thinks that I can't dunk on him, he told me you would never dunk on me. When I catch him he going to hear about it for the rest of his life. For sure."

Well, he's going to have to wait until next season to try it because even though he had this impressive dunk in the New Orleans Pelicans' final meeting with the Sacramento Kings Friday night, it wasn't exactly a poster dunk on Cousins, who was in the vicinity.

Following the game, Brow still wasn't sure if he had got Boogie in front of him for the dunk.

"I don't know, we'll look at the tape and we're going to see, and if he is then he's going to hear from me," Davis told Sactown Royalty.

It got pretty chippy between the two Kentucky stars during the game. Davis tried to go right at Cousins for another dunk at one point and missed.

Despite the Pelicans pulling out the win over the Kings, it was Cousins who had the more impressive stat line (24 points, 20 rebounds, 13 assists and 4 blocks - his second triple-double in a row) and for the most part, was the more dominant force.

Davis and Cousins were seen joking around prior to tip off and posing for pictures with each other. Davis said Cousins is a great player and that the two of them are brothers.

"For anybody he's a tough matchup. He can dribble the ball, he can shoot it, drive, he's big and strong. So he's a tough matchup and you have to do a great job of playing team defense against him, but he's a great player," Davis told Sactown Royalty. "It's Kentucky - me and Cuz, we're like brothers man, and it's always fun going up against each other and a little trash talking out there tonight, we both got techs. It's basketball, we love playing against each other and it's fun. At the end of the day, we still love each other, we're still brothers ... We're close and that's with all the Kentucky guys."

If the Kings ever end up competing with the Pelicans in the playoffs in the future, the matchup between these two could end up being one of the best rivalries in the league.