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Kings to play Celtics in Mexico City during 2015-16 season

John Moore/Getty Images

A new report from the Boston Herald has indicated that the Kings will be touring internationally once again, but this time during the regular season.  According to the Herald, the Kings and Celtics will face off for a game in Mexico City, where the league has played regular season games for two seasons in a row now.

From the Herald:

According to sources, the Celts will meet the Sacramento Kings in a regular season game in Mexico City in November or December. The Kings will be the home team, meaning the C's will still have 41 regular season dates at TD Garden.

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Houston Rockets played in Mexico City this year after a game between the Timberwolves and San Antonio Spurs was cancelled in 2013 due to a short circuit that caused the building to fill up with smoke.  You may remember this video of the incident:

This year's game went off without a hitch however so the NBA is once again returning and it's logical that the internationally-minded Kings are among the teams playing.  Sacramento played two games in China this preseason against the Brooklyn Nets.

The game will count as a home game for Sacramento, making the schedule already a bit unfair for the Kings as they will only see 40 games at Sleep Train Arena rather than the normal 41.  Rest assured that the Kings will not be charging season ticket holders for this home game, just as they did not do so for last year's preseason game in China.

The last time the Kings played a regular season game internationally (aside from yearly trips to Toronto) was in 1999 when they played two games in Tokyo against the Minnesota Timberwolves to start the season.