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Kings vs. Timberwolves Preview: Sacramento looks to take a rare season-series

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings have just two home games left and this is the last one before going on a road trip.  Can the Kings beat the banged up Minnesota Timberwolves to avoid going winless on this homestand? God, I hope so.  Tonight's game tips off at 7:00 pm Pacific on CSN California and KHTK Sports 1140.


1.  You think the Kings are banged up?  Minnesota at one point this season had to sign a guy who was within driving distance in order to fill out an 8 man minimum roster.  The Wolves could be without as many as 7 players tonight, 6 of which would have figured to be in the main rotation. The Kings will be without Carl Landry, who was suspended for one game by the NBA, and also might be without Nik Stauskas (back spasms) and Rudy Gay (concussion), both of whom are listed as questionable.

2. This is a Timberwolves team that is terrible at defense and almost as bad at offense.  With their lack of depth, their inexperience will show even more, and the Kings have to take advantage of what looks to be an easy game on their schedule.  With all their injuries, the Wolves will be relying on the likes of Justin Hamilton and rookie Adreian Payne to guard DeMarcus Cousins, which seems to be setting up a huge night for Sacramento's big man.  After Hamilton and Payne, the next tallest available player on the Wolves (if KG doesn't play) is SF Robbie Hummel.  The whole Kings team should be attacking the basket constantly tonight.

3.  One thing the Kings have going for them is the Timberwolves don't shoot a lot of threes.  In fact, they shoot and make the least amount of threes of any team in the league.  The three point line has been a big problem for Sacramento lately.


Kevin Martin vs. Ben McLemore

The Wolves have few threats as it is but Kevin Martin is perhaps their most dangerous.  Kings fans know all too well how Martin can quietly carry a game, and given Sacramento's propensity to leave guys wide open from three lately, Martin could be in for a big night.  Martin will be a tough cover for Ben, but Ben will also be a tough cover for Martin, who has never been known for his defensive work.  I want to see Ben get very aggressive tonight, especially in attacking the basket.


Once upon a time, K-Mart was our star,
our single best player, by far.
It didn't work out
for our playoff drought,
or for Speedracer in his stock car.


Kings 124, Timberwolves 95 after DeMarcus Cousins scores 35 points without taking a single field goal attempt.