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Vlade Divac is in charge now

Vlade Divac is the new lead voice for the Kings, for the time being at least.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Vlade Divac is now the prominent voice in the room, according to a revealing article by ESPN's Marc Stein. The former Kings center, who holds the title of Vice President of Basketball and Franchise operations, reportedly now holds the most sway over Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé. More input than the now-departed Chris Mullin, and more than the not-yet-departed Pete D'Alessandro.

The article is just the latest in public finger pointing, as Stein's sources further the debate over whether Vivek or Pete made the call to fire Michael Malone or when to hire George Karl. The article speaks of seeking stability, but reeks of reactionary moves made with little long term plan. Vivek is throwing out the water and refilling the pot, angry that the water didn't boil fast enough.

Anyone hoping Pete D'Alessandro remains GM of the Kings much longer isn't going to be encouraged by the article, lending support to murmurs that Pete may not be with the organization past this summer. And if Divac is truly replacing Pete and Mullin, it will mark the second time in two years that Vivek hired his new coach before his new management.

Perhaps Vlade can right the ship and bring stability to the organization. Or perhaps he's another short-term response by an owner who is increasingly unpredictable.